Combat Bootcamp Training

Basic fight training is the first step toward a very challenging and gratifying experience in service to the Nation. Its purpose is to change young American volunteers into disciplined, motivated, physically fit Defense force who believe in cooperation and adopt the Army’s seven core values.

This is accomplished through extensive training and successful testing to Army standards in rifle marksmanship, physical fitness and basic Soldier skills. Soldiers also learn about the values, principles and courage that makes them proud to wear the uniform of their country. Basic training begins with in processing. For most Soldiers, in processing is brief, from 4 to 10 days.

Here Soldiers receive a general orientation, get fitted and issued Army uniforms, set up personnel records, obtain an identification card, receive visual,dental physical examinations, test for physical fitness, and receive immunizations. Soldiers also begin learning the Army core principles and basic military skills during this phase. From the Reception Battalion soldiers are “shipped” to a basic training unit.

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