Kids Boot Camp Review

Juvenile Boot Camp   by Joanne Mackenzie

If your child has recently been abusing drugs or alcohol, has become out of control, is becoming violent, or has any legal problems, you may be considering juvenile boot camp. However, before sending your child away to a boot camp, it’s important to know what these camps actually are, and how effective they might be in helping you’re troubled teen.

The idea behind boot camps is that if the child is yelled at and punished hard enough, they will eventually obey they’re orders. Although this theory works in the short term, the long lasting effects of it are questionable. By sending you’re emotionally troubled teen away to a camp where they are getting yelled at, will only create more anger in you’re child towards authority figures. This is also not helping you’re child get along in the real world, where compromise, respect and cooperation are vital social skills in any society. By teaching them that the most callous, loud and angry person wins they are not going to realize the real consequences of their behavior.

If you have a child suffering from emotional or behavioral problems, sending them to a person who is going to break them down might be setting your child up for even larger issues when they reach adult hood. Before you send your teen away to boot camp, consider a more sensitive, therapeutic approach that will help your child solve their problems as well as teach them that compassion and tolerance are the real keys to living a happy successful life.
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